Gold medal named after Nikolai Rerich.

infoA gold medal named after Nikolai Rerich

The gold medal named after Nikolai Reich.
"For achievements in philosophical reflection and symbolic understanding of art".
Artists who work in the field of creating works of symbolic and visionary art.
Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerich belongs to the group of outstanding figures of Russian and world culture. An artist, scientist, traveler, public figure, writer, thinker - his great talent is comparable in size except with the titans of the Renaissance. The creative heritage of N.K. Rerich is huge - more than seven thousand paintings are situated all over the world, including countless literary works - books, essays, articles, diaries. He drew up the first international agreement on the protection of cultural values and created the philosophical teaching "Living Ethics," revived ancient Russian crafts and formalized theatrical performances at the Russian seasons of Sergei Djagilev. The paintings of Nikolai Reich are stored in the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Art of the Peoples of the East and private collections around the world.
In addition to the topic of Russian olden times, Eastern motifs began to appear in the work of Nikolai Rerich. He studied East philosophy, collected objects of the Japanese art, wrote several sketches about Japan and India, created pictures on the Indian motifs - "Devassari Abunta", "Devassari Abunta with birds", "Kingdom border", "Manu's Wisdom".